The IFC assists family members of inmates housed at the California Medical Facility of the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation to gain a better perspective of correctional programming and it's affects on the inmate population.

The IFC meets monthly with the Administration of CMF to help address institutional issues regarding the application of rules, regulations, policies and practices that affect inmate family relationships.


The California Medical Facility (CMF) was established in 1955 by the Legislature to provide a centrally located medical / psychiatric institution for the health care needs of the male felon population in California's prisons. Currently, CMF operates with a 308 million dollar budget and approximately 2215 employees.

CMF houses a general acute care hospital, correctional treatment center (CTC), licensed elderly care unit, in-patient and out-patient psychiatric facilities, a hospice unit for terminally ill inmates, general population, and other special inmate housing. Additionally, the Department of Mental Health operates a licensed, acute care psychiatric hospital and an Intermediate Care Facility within CMF.

We Want You to Be A Part of the IFC

The IFC is always looking for those who want to help. The IFC is made up of a balanced cross section of family members from the California Medical Facility. By "Family Member" we mean any adult person who has a meaningful family or community relationship with an inmate at CMF.

We are continuously accepting applications for the Inmate Family Council.  If you are interested you may fill out the IFC Application questionnaire and return it to the Visiting Lieutenant.

If you have any questions please contact us @